PHALANX - Semi-Rigid Card Holder Bundle with Penny Sleeves (200 ct)

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Type: Card Saver
SKU: PX-G0200


These Semi-Rigid Card Holders are essential for all your card grading submissions. Made of thin, but sturdy PVC plastic for effortless insertion and removal of cards! Designed to be crystal clear so you can preserve the eye appeal and details of each card. Phalanx Card Holders keep your cards safe in display, storage, trade, or shipment.

This bundle comes with 200 individual Semi-Rigid Card Holders and includes 2 bonus packs of 100 Soft Card Sleeves! Just pop your card into a penny sleeve, slide it into a card holder, then cross your fingers and hope for a 10!

  • Holds 33⁄16" x 4½" (80.9mm x 107.9mm) trading, sports, and other collectible cards
  • Preferred protection for all graded card submissions to PSA, CGC, BGS, and others
  • Defends against damage and scratches
  • Store cards up to 35 pt thickness
  • Crystal clear clarity
  • ½" lip for effortless insertion and removal of cards
  • Box doubles as storage container or organizer for cards
  • Recommended for use with Phalanx Card Sleeves

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